Exploring Chefchaouen The Morocco's Blue Pearl from afar;
Chefchaouen from afar; Morocco’s ‘Blue Pearl’

Difficult to pronounce, easy to love. Chefchaouen; Morocco’s ‘Blue Pearl’ was awe-inspiring and spectacular.

We arrived in this magnificent mountain town towards the end of our trip throughout Morroco. Chefchaouen is known as Morocco’s ‘Blue Pearl’ as it is famed for its plethora of beautiful blue and white buildings and alley ways.

We were fortunate enough to spend three days in this very special location. We found Chefchaouen to be beautiful, charming and charismatic.

Shortly after checking into our hotel, we were eager to get a view of this remarkable town from afar. We therefore ventured up to the Spanish Mosque located on a hilltop around a 30 minute walk from the town centre. The Mosque itself is pretty, however the views of Chefchaouen both on route to the Mosque and from the hilltop were the real treat. The panoramas were simply outstanding, it is an extraordinarily gorgeous part of the World.

Views of Chefchaouen en route to the Spanish Mosque
Views of Chefchaouen en route to the Spanish Mosque

We headed back into town after admiring this sublime setting to get a real taste of Chefchaouen and its people. We were not disappointed with what we found.

Meandering through Chefchaouen’s Medina

Chefchaouen has an awesome ambiance. Everybody happy, everybody chilled, everybody very friendly. No stress, no hassle. It seemed like both the locals and the tourists were just grateful to be there. Grateful to be exisiting in that moment and aware of the fact that they are existing in truly flawless and heavenly place.

Whilst meandering through the maze of narrow streets, every turn of the head resulted in a ‘wow’ moment. The blue and white colours painted on almost every individual building resulted in a collective beauty that is unrivalled in Morocco and extremely rare throughout the rest of the World.

The winding blue and white streets while travel through Chefchaouen  the Blue pearl of Morocco
The winding blue and white streets

The narrow streets were brimming with small pretty shops and stalls selling interesting and elegant local Moroccan Arts and Crafts. It is easy to pass several days just wondering around and simply admiring everything that Chefchaouen; Morocco’s ‘Blue Pearl’ has to offer.

We found this charming Local Art and Crafts Shopwhile we were exploring chefchaouen; Morocco's Blue Pearl
Local Arts and Crafts shop

The houses of the local people also filled the winding streets. All of course beautiful and all of course exhibiting the blue and white colour code of this facinating town. There are several theories as to why Chefchaouen adopted these colours, from keeping the mosquitos away to representing the sky and heaven. Whatever the real reason it makes Chefchaouen an enchanting place. A place that should be considered as must see on any trip to Morocco.

One of the many blue entrances to the local houses while we were exploring Chefchaouen; Morocco's blue pearl
One of the many blue entrances to the local houses


Chefchaouen Castle sits adjacent to the main town square and we enjoyed exploring its grounds. It is an interesting site with lots of history and impressive architecture and definitely worth including on any Chefchaouen itinery.

Chefchaouen; Morocco's Blue Pearl  castle the Kasbah
Chefchaouen Castle

Hamsa; a classy Restaurant in Chefchaouen; Morocco’s Blue Pearl

A restaurant named Hamsa is located directly opposite the Castle. We found all of the restaurants that we dined in within Chefchaouen to be excellent. And the cuisine both in this town and throughout Morocco was outstanding. The pick of the bunch however was Hamsa, it was so good that we returned on several occassions. The dishes were of the highest quality and it is also a great place just to chill out and enjoy a drink. It is has a lovely atmosphere and is beautifully decorated. There is also an awesome terrace with great views and even some funky hats for its diners to wear! I highly recommend at least one visit to Hamsa during any visit to Chefchaouen.

 Chefchaouen; Morocco's blue pearl and wearing some Hats at Hamsa restaurant.
Hats at Hamsa!

As our time in Chefchaouen was coming to an end we took every opportunity that we had to walk more of the winding streets. We knew that we were going to miss this town. Walking the streets during the evening is also enticing. It livens the senses and has a somewhat mystical feel. Chefchaouen is charming twenty four seven.

 Chefchaouen; Morocco's Blue Pearl during twilight
Chefchaouen during twilight

A Hotel with Character; The Riad Antek

I had mixed emotions as we headed back to our hotel for our final night in Chefchaouen. I felt very grateful to have expereinced this magical town along with disappointment as we were leaving the following morning. We stayed at the very pleasant Riad Antek. A Riad that I certainly recommend. The owner of the Riad Mohammed was very nice and extremely helpful. Additionally the view from our room was wonderful and the Riad also comes with a rooftop with an equally spectacular vista. It was a perfect place to witness some breathtaking sunsets.

Sunset from the rooftop of the Riad Antek. Exploring Chefchaouen the Morocco's blue pearl
Sunset from the rooftop of the Riad Antek

The sense of disappointment remained as we departed Chefchaouen, simply disapointed that we were leaving. Chefchaouen; Morocco’s ‘Blue Pearl’ left me feeling grateful, fulfilled and mesmerized. This charming and charismatic town is certainly a jewel of the highest caliber.

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